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AKPA is a small, Cambridge-based charity run by volunteers which works to improve the quality of life for the kidney patients of Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge and her satellite dialysis units. We are involved in a wide range of activities including occasional social events and talks by hospital staff on medical advances.


AKPA is a registered charity and over 95% of funds raised go towards helping patients.




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February 2018

Potassium test kit - your help is required

A collaboration between Cambridge University Hospitals and the University of Cambridge has led to early developments towards a sensor kit which would allow patients to check their own blood potassium levels at home.


The proposed kit would consist of a small handheld device, similar to glucometers used by people with diabetes, coupled with single use, disposable test strips to measure potassium levels from a very small drop of blood from a finger-prick. As you may know, kidneys regulate body potassium levels; this is important for nerves and muscles including the heart. When kidneys do not work properly it is important to know the blood level so that diet or medication can be adjusted to correct as needed.


As a kidney patient, we believe you might benefit from such a kit and would like to gather your honest opinion to help us in further developing this technology. The survey should only take 5 minutes and your responses are completely anonymous. Please download the questionnaire by clicking here and send the completed form to


You can also contact us or complete this survey on our website: If you have any questions about the survey, please email us:




March 2017

Rare Bird Raises Funds

Dr Meryl Griffiths had the good fortune to find a dipper in her garden. Although not rare in other parts of the country this little bird has only been recorded twice before in Cambridgeshire. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds was very excited about his appearance and arranged for groups of bird watchers to come and see him. The RSPB practice is to ask for a donation to a nominated charity in return for coming into someone’s garden and Dr Griffiths nominated AKPA.


She had visits from groups of Cambridgeshire members of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and each time the little bird turned up on cue. As a result she collected a total of £195 for AKPA.


Our thanks to Dr Griffiths and her Dipper.




March 2017

Patient View: Technical Problems Persist

Patient View is a national database of kidney patient medical records which most renal units in the UK have subscribed to for some years. It allows kidney patients to access their blood test results quickly and easily very soon after having tests. It also allows patients to share their results and other medical records with their GPs and with other doctors when they are on holiday or working away from home.


A group of five kidney patients has been helping to trial Patient View at Addenbrooke’s, but a succession of computer problems has prevented their data from being uploaded to Patient View on a continuous basis. When it is working, the group enjoys seeing their test results appear quickly and they are enthusiastically looking forward to the time when other kidney patients at Addenbrooke’s can benefit. However, until the technical problems are ironed out, and data upload becomes quick and consistent, the system is not yet ready to roll out to all kidney patients.


Dr Afzal Chaudhry, Nephrologist and IT Lead for Addenbrooke’s, says, “We are undertaking a lot of work internally to re-adjust the flow of data to the Renal Registry and Patient View. There is still a reasonable amount to do and we are still formulating the fine detail on some of this.” Dr Chaudhry is not able to give a timeline on this work or the eventual roll-out, but he remains very positive and confident that the problems will be overcome.


For readers interested to know how Patient View works, please go to


Alan Craig



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June 2017

Kay's Page for Penny and George

"This is my gift to my future brother in law George for Addenbrooke's Kidney Patients Association because He deserved the freedom to live happily"


Please visit Kay's page for George:






May 2017

Benedict Peers - Hadrian's Wall Walk

"I am walking the 84 mile long Wall to raise money towards a scanner for the dialysis unit at Fen Ditton which helps the nurses to dialyse patients as safely and painlessly as possible. Please donate if you can."


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